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made by the best

As a Kloth Studio client, you’ll benefit from our global manufacturing links and long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading fashion suppliers. 

We offer over 10,000 fabric swatches in-house, everything from knit to woven and denim textiles with embroidery and screen printing available across all fabrics. Our specialty is wrinkle-free fabrics that maintain a crisp, clean look throughout the day, and all our uniforms are put through the “50 wash” test to ensure long-lasting durability. We also carry a host of accessories like ties, scarves, hates, sunglasses, towels and linens that can all be brand-customized to fit your new image.


sustainably made

We’re working towards a 100% renewable production cycle – a circular approach using only recycled + sustainably sourced materials. We’re transitioning key product and packaging materials to smarter alternatives and supporting regenerative agriculture practices while protecting animal welfare. We also partner with Better Cotton Initiative, a program that exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, for the environment it grows in, and for the sector’s future.

putting the environment first

We’re committed to a wide range of environmentally conscious practices, including pilot programs in our factories to reduce hazardous chemicals and waste. We collect thousands of pounds of leftover textiles, donating fabric scraps that can be repurposed in rural Bangladesh to make blankets and clothes for underserved communities. We’re also working with factories to reduce the thickness of our packaging, thereby saving hundreds of tons of plastic, and reducing carbon emissions by helping our partners explore renewable energy sources.

strict ethical standards

We take human rights seriously. We only contract with companies that meet our stringent manufacturing criteria and carry out regular ethical audits within the factories. All partners must adhere to these nine standards established by Kloth Studio:

NO Child Labour: No children younger than 15 years of age may be employed by a factory.

NO Forced Labour: No person may be employed by a factory if they haven’t offered to do so voluntarily, or be forced to work under the threat of punishment or retaliation.


Health and Safety: A safe and healthy workplace environment must be provided by the factory who should also prevent any potential health and safety incidents and work related injury or illness from occurring.


Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: All staff have the right to form, join and organize trade unions and to bargain collectively on their behalf.


Anti-Discrimination: A factory is prohibited from engaging in discrimination in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination, or retirement. 


Disciplinary Practices: A factory is prohibited from engaging in or tolerating the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of employees. 


Working Hours: A factory must comply with applicable laws, collective bargaining agreements and industry standards on working hours, breaks and public holidays.

Remuneration: The right of staff to a living wage must be respected by the factory.

Management Systems: Compliance must be reviewed and implemented to the SA800 Standard through developed policies and procedures.

ELITE partnership

Elite is a family-owned garment manufacturer established in 1982 that produces approximately 1.2 million pieces per year, supplying world-class brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and H&M with an annual turnover of approximately 80 million USD. 

Due to common ownership, Kloth Studio is able to produce orders seamlessly through Elite Garments Industries, working directly with manufacturing plants in Bangladesh. 

Elite’s facilities include 20 production lines (with an additional 10 coming in 2020) and a workforce of over 3,500 dedicated professionals. The factory is fully compliant with all government regulations and international standards, holding both WRAP and Accord certifications.

in the community

Our commitment to ethical conduct also extends beyond the factory. We encourage community cohesion in partnership with our international suppliers by supporting and/or sponsoring charitable initiatives + organizations — including orphanages, infant schools, a medical clinic and sponsored sports programs. And starting in 2021, we’ll be running a Give Back Box program that allows clients to send back unwanted products for reuse through charities like Jaago Foundation, which exists to improve the lives of people living below the poverty line.

Shahadat Hossan

Shahadat’s years of experience in product quality analysis, have made him uniquely qualified to successfully handle any obstacle. As Kloth Studio’s sourcing manager, he has an excellent track record of improving relationships with vendors, increasing supply chain efficiency and improving the performance of products. Shahadat is always able to successfully take on new challenges with enthusiasm and is a dedicated member of the Kloth team!


Since the beginning of Kloth Studio,  Shojol has been committed to sourcing and producing materials of the highest quality for the company. Shojol has been able to successfully finalize countless deals with suppliers and facilitate the transportation of goods.  Shojol is a dedicated member of the Kloth team who always goes the extra mile with his work!

Elaine Mccreary

Elaine is a recent graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University who is using her honors communications degree and three years of experience in sales, marketing and hospitality in her role as Sales Administrator. She is a self-started with a strong work ethic and incredible attention to detail. Elaine enthusiastically facilitates deals with companies in the United States and Canada and is instrumental in curating Kloth Studio’s social media and e-commerce presence.

Stephanie Macneil

Stephanie is an efficient, highly motivated, and creative fashion designer with a demonstrated history of working in the industry. She has developed skills through working on well-known Toronto brands and by working on her own entrepreneurial projects. Stephanie enthusiastically organizes and manages the full design process through effective communication and organization. She has a passion for creating unique garments that directly affect the wearer in terms of functionality, and aesthetics. She brings her design and managerial skills to every project with a balanced focus on future advancements and seamless execution.
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Dana Cohen

Dana is a design director, an entrepreneur and an environmentalist.

With fifteen years’ experience designing for small and large American brands, including Banana Republic, J.Crew, Andrew Marc, Cole Haan and Rogan, she has experience ranging across men’s and women’s collections as well as category-drive design. She has a keen eye for trend and a proven ability to translate that within a brand’s DNA.

In 2019 Dana launched Hyer Goods, a collection of upcycled accessories made from manufacturing waste, while continuing to consult for start-ups and fashion brands on the side.
Miriam Zittell

Miriam Zittell

Toronto born, McGill and Parsons School of Design educated Miriam Zittell honed her unique design, development and production skill in New York City. Miriam gained experience through increasingly demanding roles at J Crew, Helmut Lang and Theory. Her work (fortunately) required time on the ground in Europe and Los Angeles.

At Theory, Miriam served as Design Director, applying innovative technologies to contemporary and runway collections. Now Toronto based, Miriam is focusing her design entrepreneurial spirit to a unique retail concept,, while continuing to consult for select established and start-up labels.

Rafaan Seraj

Rafaan has been actively involved in his family-run garments manufacturing business for the last ten years. He brings substantial knowledge of this industry to the Kloth team. Having practical experience in the industry, Rafaan understands the entire life cycle of a Kloth product and what it entails, beginning from the early design phases to the end product.

Rafaan graduated from Kings College, London with a degree in Business Management. He has strong business acumen and a strong commitment to ensuring that the manufacturing of all products are done effectively, efficiently and continuously upholding the highest of standards.

Kristin Caskey

Kristin Caskey is an associate professor of fashion design at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Caskey designed in New York for Arlequin Paris and Perry Ellis America. She also was an associate designer for Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia, PA. Her design career includes extensive international work in France, Portugal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, India, and China.

Caskey’s studio work utilizes textile history and digital textile printing. Her work has been shown throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West United States. Caskey has received numerous NEA Artworks grants for her co-led project; mOb Studio, a community engaged-design project of VCUarts and Storefront for Community Design.

Caskey has been the design director for AFF International/Kloth Studio since 2017. She is committed to providing original design solutions and design management to clients and partners seeking innovative products for their brands.

Maher Murshed

Maher is an internationally proven entrepreneur with a twenty-year history of developing landmark brands, experiences and destinations from the ground up.

Maher brings a unique blend of managerial leadership, financial acumen, and hands-on human resources experience to each of his endeavours. Simply put, he knows how things are supposed to be run. From strategy to day-to-day operations, Maher helps entrepreneurs realize their vision from the simple seeds of an idea.

Additionally, Maher serves as the President of OHS Global Inc., a boutique investment firm with a focus in the hospitality sector.

He is also the President of ICON Legacy Hospitality – one of Canada’s well respected full-service management companies. Since its founding in 2008, Maher has overseen the growth and success of critically acclaimed hotel and restaurant destinations including Weslodge, Byblos, Mira, Patria, Estia, and many more.

We’d love to hear from you!
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Abeed Azad

Abeed Azad began his career in the print distribution and logistics industry, serving various counties of Virginia, Maryland & DC. A dynamic entrepreneur, he was able to see success in this industry with his ability to effectively develop strong supply networks and strategically coordinate distribution networks with a high-performing team.

With a passion for the hospitality sector, Abeed has brought his professional strengths and experience to the Kloth Studio team. He is focused on overseeing the daily operations and committed to driving business performance for his team and clients.