What did Kloth Studio do for 1 Hotel Toronto? 

1 Hotel Toronto introduces a new standard of sustainability to the busy cityscape. Through a collaboration with Kloth Studio, the 1 Hotel Toronto team was able to acquire a collection of design-driven uniforms, created, and produced by a uniform company that is progressing towards a 100% renewable production cycle. For this project, Kloth Studio partnered with the Better Cotton initiative to source ethically and sustainably produced cotton. This allowed for the inclusion of recycled and sustainably sourced materials into our uniforms, in compliance with 1 Hotel’s eco-friendly mission.

Which Uniforms Did We Make? 

Kloth Studio designed and created unique uniform styles for 1 Hotel Toronto, 1 Kitchen, and Harriet’s. These looks include:

  • Hostess Uniforms 
  • Server Uniforms 
  • Bartender Uniforms 
  • Busser Uniforms  
  • In-Room Dining
  • Housekeeping Uniforms 
  • Houseman Uniforms 
  • Engineering Uniforms  
  • Banquet Uniforms 

How did you find the process of working with Kloth Studio? 

The process of working with Kloth Studio was great! From the ideation phase to developing the final products, Kloth Studio provided a collaborative co-design approach. They reflected a similar value for quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, allowing for ease throughout the entire process. Their team dedicated thought and care into developing every single garment. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that all uniforms aligned with our aesthetic, while maintaining durability and workability for our employees.” - 1 Hotel Toronto

Would you recommend Kloth Studio to others? 

1 Hotel Toronto recommends Kloth Studio to those looking for a sustainable and local Toronto-based uniform design company. The Kloth Studio team takes pride in creating comfortable and high-quality garments according to all their client’s needs. They are continuously innovating and evolving in the workwear industry, with special efforts put in place to reduce waste in production though eco-conscious packaging, chemical waste reduction, and utilization of leftover textiles. Our team plans to continue working and growing with Kloth Studio and would highly recommend it to those with similar needs and values.” - 1 Hotel Toronto