Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill 

Toronto, Canada  

Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill is a seaside escape located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Situated on King Street West, Mademoiselle has been transformed from a former adult entertainment club into a bold and contemporary 2-story dining space. Inspired by Southern France and Northern Mediterranean coasts, the venue features a blue and white colour scheme with sparkling blue chandeliers, sleek booths, and luxurious cherry trees. 

Offering a fine dining experience, Mademoiselle serves vibrant seafood dishes that are inspired by European coastlines. Created by their friendly bartenders, Mademoiselle has a wide selection of curated cocktails and a well-sourced wine list. 

Kloth Studio X Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill 

In collaboration with the Mademoiselle team, the Kloth Studio team designed the female server uniforms, the male server uniforms, the support staff uniforms, and the bartender uniforms.  

“It was an easy collaboration with Kloth Studio, especially having their office here in downtown Toronto. It was easy going into the office, seeing the samples, and having a one-to-one meeting to come up with the ideas that helped us achieve our staff uniforms.” 

– Abud Samhan (Assistant General Manager / Head Sommelier at Mademoiselle) 

During the initial uniform design session, the Mademoiselle team showed our Kloth staff detailed interior renderings of the property and express how the colour blue would be incorporated throughout the venue. Keeping with this colour palette and branding guidelines, we created a bright blue bandage dress with a criss-cross neckline for the female servers.  

For the male servers, we developed a grey double-breasted short sleeve chef coat with black contrast piping along the neckline, sleeve hem, and chest pocket. This chef coat is complete with the Mademoiselle logo embroidered in white on the left chest pocket and the Mademoiselle hat icon embroidered in white on the left sleeve pocket. The support staff are also dressed in a similar style as the male servers but in a blue chef coat instead of the grey colourway. 

To create a distinction for the bartenders, we designed a white and black gingham long sleeve button-down shirt with semi-spread collar and roll-up sleeve tabs for functionality. This shirt is worn with a black cotton twill bib apron with brass rivets and removable black leather straps. The bartender look is completed with either a black bowtie or black skinny tie.  

The Mademoiselle Order: 

  • Blue Bandage Dresses with Criss-Cross Neckline
  • Grey Double-Breasted Short Sleeve Chef Coats with Black Piping and Logo/Icon Embroidery
  • Blue Double-Breasted Short Sleeve Chef Coats with Black Piping and Logo / Icon Embroidery
  • White and Black Gingham Long Sleeve Shirts with Semi-Spread Collar and Roll-Up Sleeve Tabs
  • Black Bib Aprons with Black Leather Details
  • Black Ties
  • Black Bowties

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